A grateful heart is a dancer of joy, a vessel of abundance,
and a magnet for miracles

"Hana [Aleph] is an absolute blessing of a human being. It is impossible to fully encapsulate in human language the full depth of an effect that such a patient, compassionate, and intelligent soul can have on any given situation... But just know that whatever your challenge or journey may be, if you are committed, Hana will walk with you every step of the way as a constant wellspring-source of courage, wisdom, and joy."

- Alexandra Hansen, SMA Advocate (TN, USA)

I am truly blessed to have sat with Aleph and Xorlyn through several healing sessions and guided ceremonies.


They lead a Cacao ceremony in which Aleph gracefully guided us in a meditation through the temple of our hearts.  All the while, Xorlyn served us Cacao and accompanied with his musical mastery via the sacred didgeridoo.  The result was deepening the relationship with heart through healing. 


In other sessions, Aleph guided me through taro and meditation, during which she intuitively revealed where I am at in my journey, where I am heading, and what inner work I need to turn towards and heal to move forward and evolve.   She and her guides helped me realize my full potential, of which I am continuing to discover.  She is always available post session for wise consult and insight.

We also had two bodywork sessions where Aleph used touch, reiki, and guided meditation to release old stories and tension from my body, emotions, and mind.  Xorlyn assisted by tuning my chakras with the tuning fork and invigorated my kundalini energy with the deep vibrations of the didgeridoo.  The tantric healing session allowed me to release all former energy signatures that had entered me.  This deep healing shook off old patterns of unworthiness and has provided me space to step into my Queendom.  It has been many months and I am still in the process of integrating the beautiful healing that these souls have offered so lovingly. 

- Maysa Miller, Lichen Ecologist (USA)

The package arrived today. I cannot thank you enough - the art <Presence Portrait Commission>, note, & crystal were all exactly what I needed. I cried when I read the part about a period of being alone because i've been feeling profoundly lonely recently. Thank you (Aleph) for reminding me  I am seen.

- Allyson Gay (AZ, USA)

“HaNa is an incredibly gifted Soul. Even took me by surprise how aware and gifted she is at such a young age. She Read me to be a part of a [Facebook] group and I’m pretty tough on the "gifted" trying to join. They have to be at least 95% accurate. HaNa WAS A 100% SPOT ON! I Was Blown away. She didn't just do a small mini reading like most do because of their lack of confidence But HaNa fully aware of her connections with her guides gave me a long-detailed reading. I was so excited she had picked that particular group i just happened to screen all incoming Psychics. I was overjoyed. I Highly Recommend this incredibly gifted and Talented young lady to guide And Read anyone! You are in for such a treat and will be Amazed as i was. God has her back. Thank you HaNa forever Grateful for your guidance.”

- Machelle Robinson, The Soul Speaks (USA)

“Really blew my mind on tarot reading! Her readings literally explained my current situation and what I need to focus on again. Also, her massages and body work really helped my muscle soreness go away a lot quicker!”

- Kei Morimoto, Restauranteur (CA, USA)

“Loved my reading from her. It was so concise and accurate, and she made me feel very comfortable. Her delivery was kind and straight to the point and I got the questions that I needed answered and I am very satisfied with the information that she gave me. I will definitely utilize her services again!”

- Affinia Charlotte (NC, USA)

“This [Facebook] group has helped me so much through some really rough times and has also taught me a lot! over all just a wonderful, happy, peacefully blessed group! with so much light and love.”

- Beatrix Kiddo (OH, USA)

“The [tarot] reading [by Aleph] was introspective and extremely interesting. Left me feeling almost "buoyant" with a revised clarity about my life. Special thanks and love to you.”

- Denise Ramey (Johannesburg, South Africa)

“She (Aleph) is an amazing massage therapist. I am always left feeling refreshed and rejuvenated after! I always want it to go 90 minutes instead of 60 as well.”

- Joe Ady, Musician (OR, USA)

“Hana is an authentic and skilled tarot reader, and I really recommend fully taking the few minutes to focus on the meditations she does in FB lives, I think it adds a whole new level to readings and is something really unique I get a lot out of.”

- Joss Stone (CA, USA)

HaNa Drasmin has been one of the best influences in my life. The work that she does inspired me and gave me the courage to step forward into a more light conscious life. Her work includes, and is not limited to body healing, massage, Weekly soul-searching teachings, deep past life regression healing, house flipping (seriously, I’d start with this one... my place is the cleanest it’s been in my entire life), diet change for the bettering of self, and pure friendship. She came into my life with absolutely no expectations of any of these gifts that she possesses. My name is Maria Kourmakieva and I want to bring to light the work that she has been putting in daily to change my entire life around. I am a healing addict to alcohol, drugs, sex, money, and lying. Trust when I say I never thought I could change the addictive patterns that could have killed me or hurt others in the crippling need to hold onto these unhealthy attachments, but I did. She taught me that alcohol and drugs were massive blockers that kept me from moving forward into a life that now serves me for the better without them. I am officially two months sober from the addictions. Yes, the cravings come to me every now and again, but with the practice of meditation and allowing my inner voice to help heal this pattern in my life, I am able to completely abstain from them. Another deep and valuable experience I have been having and cultivating is the experience of trust. Every single one of these dis-eases came from the lack of confidence and trust I had for myself. It took a lot of trust to pull myself up and tackle each individual issue, and I know she is there seeing me fully as the human that I am.

     My best friend and teacher has the capability to not only help facilitate the healing process from within but has the integrity to stick through the toughest times. I don’t know how many times I lied to her due to my fears, but her forgiveness kept me motivated to push past the lies, admit my addictions one at a time and truly open up a doorway to a life of happiness I have never thought possible. Bliss is one step at a time, and HaNa makes it possible to take those tiny steps that create a pathway to happiness. My deep wounding around sex was so difficult to admit, and somehow this one human made an impact big enough to help heal so much of it. Although she facilitates the courage and steps to gain back your happiness, the work really has to come from yourself.

     It’s not often you find a person in your life that will stick through the worst parts of your psyche and the best parts of it. She has been teaching me how much fear can immobilize us individually, and how to take the steps necessary to really look it face to face and embrace it with all your love. Yes, embracing everything within me as much as possible has given me new insight to the meaning of compassion. I can 100% guarantee that what she has to offer is authentic, kind, compassionate, and downright beautiful. Trust me when I say I feel like I’m so much clearer on my purpose in life than I did just five months ago. I went from being an addict to someone who genuinely has my best interest in heart to continue pushing forward in the healthiest way for the pure purpose of happiness. I could not recommend a better person to help heal the deep psychological, physical, spiritual and emotional traumas within. Please don’t hesitate to contact HaNa if you have any questions about what she does. She is more than qualified to help anyone that feels interested in her healing arts.”

- Maria Kourmakieva, Artist (TN, USA)

“She (Aleph) speaks truth. It’s not always what you want to hear, but what needs to be said.”

- Willow Witham, (WA, USA)

We are love in form, made of life for life; 

we are home, here to love and to beloved