PEACE colouring page, no watermark

PEACE colouring page, no watermark


A Sigil colouring page by Artist Aleph Drasmin


A sigil is a symbol that encapsulates an affirmation, a prayer, a blessing, or a sacred chant. It is created of a single line born from a combination of all the single consonants in the desired invocation. The purpose of a symbol is to bypass the logical mind and allow the abstract form to connect directly with the heart, thus triggerring deep soul healing and integrated ascension. 


This colouring page comes without the watermark as a printable PDF for you to print, colour, and add to as your joy wishes to express. For a free version of this colouring page with the visible watermark, please click here



To receive the blessing of our creative prayer infusion, place the image where it can be seen daily and for 7 days take a pause in the morning before you begin the day to connect with your own commitment to your ascension.