Green Goddess - Original in Frame

Green Goddess - Original in Frame


- One of a kind framed print of the Goddess GAIA, sealed in green frame with a papier mache sun, dandelion roots, black tulip petals, dirt , buttons, and bead.

- Original art watermarked for preview only, available framed and ready to hang as shown

- Original art mediums used are watercolour and pen on paper

- Art size 14x11, in frame final size 23x18



ABOUT THE ORIGINAL ART PIECE: original artpiece inspired from a vision of the GODddess as she appeared to the artist Drasmin on Earth Day in 2019. Born from a vision of the earth mushroom clouding into a hard ball, from which roots began to peek out and eventually form the face of SHe creating.




Thank you for considering, receiving and amplifying this blessing in art.