you are holy, you are whole, you are capable

you are holy, you are whole, you are capable

Harmony is oneness in mind-heart-body-spirit, the spiritual-physical-mental-emoational within;

this ripples out and mirrors the interconnectedness and  oneness of the land and all its beings. 


Harmonizing is love in action,  a choice to form symbiotic relationships within and without; 

a practice of marrying ancient starry wisdoms to modern scientific advances, meaning

-  ​listening to understand and having compassion for each other (Authentic Connection)

- practicing a balanced lifestyle of conscious consumption, effort, and rest (Alchemical Synergy)

- cultivating self awareness and taking responsibility for one's emotions and actions (Radical Integrity)

- choosing loving awareness and healthy boundaries towards self and all beings (Empowered Unity)

- using earth friendly products to create and for routine upkeep (Restorative Earth Alliance)

AHO offers online resources and tools to assist you in this process of transformation,

as well as remote and in person offerings to witness, love, and support you through your unification. 

harmony helpers

H - Awareness.png

Awakening can be full body bliss

or a remembrance of trauma; 

it can come when lest expected

or in an intentional sit of presence. 

When awakening is uncomfortable, being ungrounded and imbalanced can trigger extreme emotions

After taking a moment to STOP 

and use the awakening ABC's,

Step 1 - Acknowledge your presence in the universe

Step 2 - Appreciate where you are in union in and out

Step 3 - Advance breathe by breath into deeper oneness

Sometimes help is needed

to get from Point A to point B; 

whether it is a patient listening ear

or a safe and loving womb to grieve

all of you is seen and heard

and all of you is sacred

H - Breath.png

Breath is more than inhale-exhale, 

it is a vehicle and bridge to travel into any and all dimensions

Breath is anchor and freedom

a cycle of life feeding death

every closing an opening

To amplify awareness and deepen

harmony within and without


Before any "healing" can occur

of mind-heart-body and spirit

it is vital to anchor this bridge

The button below takes you to

a presence practice guide

H- Consent 0.png

Consent is an emotional agreement that stems from the heart

and physically manifests as sensations and symptoms.

These loud and subtle signals provide insight into the inner world and its relationships with the outer

Consent is a full body yes,

the feeling of pleasure that makes you tingle in and out

When in doubt check in, is this a: 

Yes - A full body f*@# yes--> YES

No - A complete sentence --> NO

Maybe --> this is a no --> NO

Frozen yes --> saying yes out of guilt, fear, or obligation --> NO




ABC Check In 1.png

The ABC Check In is a guide

and a tool for breaking down conversation into bite size pieces

Only after getting in touch within, anchoring with the bridge of breath

can one soften into trust and harmonize within and without

Conversation can be challenging especially when topics trigger ,

therefore it is important to ground using the awakening a-b-c's

before and during pause for words.


Communication is the glue between love and trust,

the more the practice the longer lasting the bond 


The button below takes you to a free PDF 

of this unified expression practice

H - Desire.png

no one or no thing can disturb your peace 

or take away your joy without your consent

_Carrying, or Caring.png

A​​nchor Holy oneness