Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer discounts for sessions?

Yes! It is more important to us you receive the support you need and pay to your best ability; If you are unable to pay the full session price, please select "pay in person" at check out and send your donation (as a friends & family payment) with session type and date scheduled (in the notes section) to PayPal @ or Venmo @Drasmin17

Additionally, alternative trade exchange is available on a case by case basis, with (typically) a minimum of 50% of total payment.

What alchemy tools are used in session?

Depending on the session and the clients needs, tools that are used may include a combination of Intuitive Counseling, Tarot, Reiki, Crystal Therapy, Sound Feathering, Preassure Point Therapy, Tantric Pelvic Helaing Modalities,and EMDR Based Neural Rewiring

What are alchemy tools ?

Either an energetic and/or physical tool that supports healing and transformation of a being.

Tell me more about the enery field (EF)

The Energy field consists primarily of the outer Etheric Body (EB) and the Inner Subtle Bodies (SB), more commonly know as 7 chakras; the EB acts as the interface between the physical body (PB) and the SB, and both the EB and SB have a corresponding part and function in the PB. This interconnectedness between these three bodies ties in with the emotional, mental, and creative (spiritual) energies of a being; thus an imbalance  due to poor health choices, chronic pain, daily stress, etc can make one feel stuck, chaotic, depressed, lethargic,  etc. 

Do you offer private hape and/or cacao circles?

Yes! These can be done at either the privacy of your home, in a secluded nature spot, or at our healing temple.

Do you offer any other "medicine" ceremonies?

Some of the tribe members of Drasmin DreamWorks are experienced shamanic journey guides, each their own specialty, if there is a particular medicine (psychoactive and non) you desire to use and are seeking support, please reach out.

What is your role during ceremonies?

A traditional shamanic journey guide acts as a "spotter" during your medicine journey, much like a coach at a gym, providing guidance and support as needed and as asked for; to ensure you are sitting with a practitioner of integrity, we encourage you tune into your own intuition.

We also caution against sitting with any "shaman" who does not offer pre and post check in sessions or call to introduce and integrate your journey. 

What is neural rewiring?

An energetic reset of one's nervous system to alleviate chronic toxicity and cut attachment (karmic) cords; deeper trauma release may include DNA Recalibration as needed.

As this is a "walk" through muscle memory, Past, Present and Future lives may also be affected.

What is DNA recalibration?

An energetic reset that gives each chakra body an empowering cosmic boost by tapping directly into one's genetic coding to neutralize toxic pathways and/or eliminate chronic illness; this recalibration can also be for soul retrieval, to activate one's life path, and to rewrite soul contracts.

What is a cosmic boost?

By connecting to Universal Consciousness, quantum light codes are woven into one's DNA and nervous system using vocals often accompanied by musical instruments such as singing bowls,didgeridoo, and cymbals.

What is soul retrieval?

Over time, in this life and those past, one can experience a loss of power via emotional, physical,mental, sexual, and/or spiritual(religious indoctrination) traumas and wounds inflicted by others and/or by self in the choices one has made. Soul retrieval can help bring back soul parts, energy, and even power animals that empower one on their journey of liberation to restore the sense of passion, joy, and inspiration once known and possibly forgotten

Soul Retrieval can also help one come into great awareness of  both past life and present life contracts , including the "contract" signed when entering the human experience, which can be  activated to trigger one''s soul purpose or renegotiated.

Soul retrieval is helpful for activating one's soul purpose, as most of the innate intuitive/spiritual gifts one possess tend to be an accumulation of lifetimes; however, a contract does not need to be known and/or rewritten to active one's soul purpose

What is attachment cord cutting?

Cords of attachment are energetic bonds( karmic bonds) created between two people, or between a person and an institution, object, substance, and/or past situation (including but not exclusive to past lives) which remains in the present; they strengthen when fed dense emotions like fear, worry, anger, or negativity in an interaction, and both keep old pain active as well as perpetuate past challenges and tensions in the present. If one is quite empathic, compassionate, and sensitive, one may even pick up small cords from strangers in passing in the subconscious attempt to uplift them.

For example - if you start a new relationship without cutting the cords to your past loves, it is HIGHLY likely the same past patterns will quickly repeat, because of the cords which are attached the problems and challenges from your past energetically still very much alive in the present. The same is true with cords to ones parents - without cutting them, past feelings from childhood of inferiority, guilt, etc. will repeat in the now. Addictions are another prime example of attachment bonds, and more often than not are rooted in past lives

Cutting cords of attachment can help one to heal, to release the past, and to step into one's power and into new possibilities for loving interactions. It starts as an energetic process of cutting fear based mentalities, followed by the emotional shift to no longer speak of said experiences in a "negative" light as well as the physical shift of removing any objects that are connected with the past attachment Once the process begins one can notice immediate results in a shift of perspective, and thus be able to more easily see the lessons and blessings through loving awareness.

An important point of awareness - when cords are cut between two living beings, consciously or unconsciously, they will feel it too, and may even reach out and contact you. If this is the case,it is crucial to establish healthy boundaries, to surround oneself with love and light, and to have a support group that is encouraging of the improvements one wishes to cultivate so the cords don't just reattach themselves.