you are wise, you are strong, you are powerful

as within so without, as above so below;

to optimize means to cultivate empowerment,

a daily practice of harmonizing mind-heart-body-spirit

Hidden within all beings are keys to deconstruct disconnect, tools to unlock understanding;

in the heart of every breath is a doorway into peace, an opportunity for kindness. 

Empowerment comes from practicing presence and choosing love in action

Embodiment is a natural evolution of the persistent practice of presence.

 from where one can restore, harmonize, and optimize self and aid others with respect, ease and grace.

AHO offers tools and classes to assist you in this process of amplification,

as well as remote and in person offerings to witness, love, and support you through your evolution.

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optimize on familiar pathways of the a-b-c's

CPR - A .png
CPR - B.png
CPR - C.png
Cultivate CPR deck.png

the CPR deck

In the words of Lichen Ecologist  Maysa M "“... they’re adorable, clever... a wholesome way to ground into the body to ease tension/stress/anxiety or even if you’re feeling good... a sweet reminder for simple graciousness to the self ... great for all ages, from kiddos to elders. ”


Created to be an ally and guide for all beings of all ages, these 26 square shaped red-black-gold cards are a tool to cultivate and/or deepen the most important relationship of your life,  the one with yourself, and through your journey a deepening of your relationships with others.

Once you begin to connect mind-heart body-spirit, it becomes easier to recognize how you love

8 Love Languages 1.png

Awakening brings awareness of how one feels safe and loved

and how one feels(receives)  and how one shows(gives) love can be quite different. 

The 8 love languages are 8 doorways into infinite possibility,  key pathways for expression clarifying presence. As yourself where these show up in your daily life. 

Listening to understand is a bridge to strengthening awareness. The button below takes you to a free PDF  further clarifying these "individual" keys of emotional intelligence

H - Desire.png

When one is centered and clear within, one can calmly and clearly ENGAGE with another being 

ABC Check In 1.png

The ABC Check In is a guide and a tool for breaking down conversation into bite size pieces.

Conversation can be challenging especially when topics trigger. Therefore it is important to ground using the harmonizer a-b-c's before using this empowered expression practice. 


Communication is the glue  between love and trust ,the more the practice the longer lasting the bond. I recommend creating a routine, a container of trust to return to weekly/biweekly/ monthly for deep diving. This check in creates room more more play and pleasure, as trust rows in this talk nest to return to for both appreciation and growth. 

PRESENCE - ECO- centric, or EGO - centri

every breath is an opportunity begin again

A​​mplify Holy oneness

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