C​​onscious Creation 

let go, be flow

 Drasmin DreamWorks focuses primarily on creations that have an eco-centric heart and  ,

and as the founder is both an Earth Activist and an artist, this space is welcoming

to all creators who channel their genius in balanced hearth and integrity

A conscious creation is an authentic expression of the soul

woven from the elements of earth, air, fire, water, and spirit (life force aka energy)

and presenting as paintings, craftings, writings, teachings, music, and everything in between. 

If you are in mindful and balanced practice of the DD principles of Peace, Integrity, & Equality

and have creative gifts of love and healing in any form to share with all beings

please send us a message about your presence and passion.

explore conscious creations

Alchemy Tools

An energetic and/or physical tool that supports healing, transformation, and spiritual evolution of a being; AHO ofers a variety of physical tools as well as guides and classes on how to connect with these tools to optimize presence and passion.

Some of these tools include but are not limited to mala's, feather fans, and crystals

Ascension Art

Original art infused with sacred geometry, numerology, poetry, light language and symbolism, all born of the intention for activating presence, amplifying passion, and anchoring purpose. Other offerings include but are not limited to art prints, commissioned channelings,  presence portraits, card decks, murals, and more

Courses and Classes

Online courses and study intensives on a variety of topics that support the awakening, harmonizing and optimizing of one's I Am presence