Classes and Courses

Awakening 101

Awakening is a shift in perspective.

It is an undeniable flash of insight that both triggering and triggered by change. 

Awakening is an opportunity to Harmonize and Optimize one’s being, to uncover and empower limitations.

It is a gift from life gently reminding of and nudging open one’s deepest desires.

This free course by Aleph is designed for beginners and helpful to all. An at-your-pace course with keys to assist you in this awakening process, this course is infused with practical guidance and easy to follow practices to assist you with navigating the experience of BEing with  greater ease and grace .

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Feel -Breath - Integrate

Begin with Breath and tune in.

Feel self within and connected with all.

Shift into presence as you recognize the moment we call now is that exists. 

Integrate this awareness with Breath. And repeat.

Alchemy 101

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Alchemy 101 : Bridge of Empowerment. It is a path of and for the highest excellence.

It is a process of Neutralizing, Synthesizing and Activating energy to Anchor, Harmonize, and Optimize presence, passion, and purpose.

It is the melding of matter - the physical  (mind-heart--body) to the non-physical, energy (spirituality-creativity-pleasure) .


In this introductory course you will receive a master key to assist you in Acknowledging and Healing any mind-heart-body disconnect. This Opens space for spirit (life source/ your higher self) to reveal your personal pathways of purpose.


AHO Balance



A 6 1/2 week AHO online circle with Aleph Drasmin a 47 day intensive to Activate, Alchemize, and Anchor Balance through the teachings of the Goddess Ma'at; diving deep into the inner psyche on a guided quantum journey to align deeper with presence, purpose, and passion, this study split into 7 modules:
Module 1: Mind
Module 2: Heart
Module 3: Body
Module 4: Spirit
Module 5: Sex
Module 6: Soul
Module 7: MU


Modules 1-6 covers the 42 “laws” (LAW- Love Always Wins) of Ma'at, Egyptian GODdess of truth, justice and balance; Modules 7 MU will cover the holy trinity that balances all growth and decay. 


This course includes daily practices as well as 6 weekly tea circles for group discussion of the modules; additionally there will be an opening and a closing ceremony to activate the initiation and to seal the teachings, and each initiate will receive a personalized print of the principles, one-on one quantum coaching sessions, group accountability and support, and more. 

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