Alchemy Tools

Breath Magick

A strand of beads used for keeping count of breath during meditation and/or awareness practices, a tool for fine tuning concentration during reflection, prayer, and/or spiritual practices;. Traditionally 108 beads in Tibetan and Indian practices, AHO malas include a range of options for beginners through advanced practitioners; from simple 7 count malas to advanced 11/44+ malas, these handwoven creations by Drasmin and Xorliyn weave numerology, mulit-cultural keys, and channeled prayers

the CPR deck

a Clear Practical Resource to navigate any experience with ease and grace,​  an A-Z guide to introduce and cultivate emotional intelligence

Created to be an ally and guide for all beings of all ages, these 26 square shaped red-black-gold cards are a tool to cultivate and/or deepen the most important relationship of your life,  the one with yourself, and through your journey a deepening of your relationships with others.

the CPR  deck.png

Crystals & Minerals

Crystals are matter in an ordered arrangement of atoms, molecules, or ions, each with their own unique properties; much like all beings are born of the same flesh and blood, yet have their own personalities. At AHO all crystals and stones are consciously sourced, meaning an offering is left in place as an exchange of energy, either self gathered or acquired from known sources of integrity, AHO Leader Xorliyn is a master craftsman who shapes and polishes these gems. As "raw" or as a customized piece of jewelry, wand, or other artistic creation or sacred tool as commissioned, explore the list below for current inventory

Feather Friends

Feathers, fans (or wands) and even whole bird wings are used in many ways in the Native American tradition, primarily in healing ceremonies and in energy clearing; by spreading the sacred smoke of Sage, Palo Santo. and other ceremonial herbs as the occasion calls, feathers elementally  represent Air and assist with clearing mind fog and inviting a lightness of being. 


Ethically gathered and harvested, consciously and intuitively chosen, every creation  is a weaving of intention, prayer, and specific symbolic elements (feathers, bamboo, crystal [no adhesive], wire, and/or a tassel/talisman), and designed to be lightweight, functional, and meaningful to support in your devotional practices.

AHO Pendulums

A pendulum is a physical element suspended from a fixed support, moving freely to the  influence of gravity. When a being  becomes the fixed support of a pendulum, it attunes itself to that beings' specific field of gravity.

At rest the pendulum is in equilibrium, aka unchanging motion. In a being this is a calm centeredness known as presence, a place of neutrality and zero influence. The purpose of a  pendulum is to become familiar with the place of stillness, the yes, and the no within one's own body. 

Custom order your ally, or repair an existing one you own. Once complete and in your hands, it is activated to your specific frequency and connected to your Akashic records.

AHO pendulum (1).png

Seedy Synthesis

Unique one of-a-kind bead weavings by Master Craftsman Xorliyn A,  from bracelets to earrings & necklaces, belts to head bands, and miscellaneous ceremonial wears;

initiated and instructed by Columbian elders/shamans, these conscious creations include multilayered numerology, different weaving styles, multi-cultural backgrounds, and prayers and intentions specialized to the individual piece.