you are seen, you are heard, you are loved

Awakening is a shift in perspective,

a realization all is not as it appears to be,

an undeniable flash of insight that triggers change.

This may arise from an intentional seeking for change,

or from an unintentional seeking triggered by a person and/or an experience.

and can be frightening and/or exciting based on the individual's choice of receptivity,

Awakening is an opportunity to examine one's being to uncover and empower limitations,

it is a gift from life gently, although it may appear abrupt, reminding of one's deepest desires.

AHO offers tools and classes to assist you with this process 

as well as remote and in person offerings to witness, love, and support you through.

awakening a-b-c's

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8 love langauges 1.png

The 8 love languages are 8 doorways into infinite possibility

key pathways for expression clarifying presence. 

Awakening brings awareness of how one feels safe and loved

and how one "feels" and shows love can be quite different;

listening to understand is a bridge to awareness. 

The button below takes you to a free PDF 

further clarifying these "individual" keys of emotional intelligence

breath is the bridge between now and next,

connecting mind-heart-body within

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A​​ctivate Holy oneness