Awaken Holy Oneness (AHO) is an ecocentric education platform created 

to reform our education system so it is inclusive of emotional intelligence, empowered sexuality, and integrative spirituality. Plus revised for veracity and refined for necessity. Our mission statement is "Make Being Great Again".


A path of Awakening, Harmonizing, and Optimizing


Awaken Holy Oneness (AHO) is a branch of Drasmin DreamWorks (DD)

offering remote and in person offerings, as well as classes and tools

to assist in the awakening, harmonizing, and optimizing of one's

presence, purpose, and passion in the human experience

our Patreon platform is an online library full of  empowerment resources. Your support allows this invaluable and ever-expanding library to be available to all beings. Thank You for your presence and for your support. 

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our Patreon platform is open for monthly or one-time donations; in honour of Earth "day" - 47 % of all donations received during May will be gifted to the Amazon Rainforest Conservancy