Are you desiring a life of Peace, Intimacy, and Equality?

Have you been seeking clarity on your presence and purpose?

On the rollercoaster of the human experience are you joyfully thriving?


A​waken H oly  Oneness

Awakening is a shift in perspective, an undeniable flash of insight that triggers change.

Awakening is an opportunity to explore growing edges, and to discover healthy boundaries:

it is a gift from life gently, although it may appear abrupt, reminding of one's deepest desires.

AHO is an action call to Awaken Holy Oneness.

AHO is a process of Awakening, Harmonizing, and Optimizing. 

AHO is a reminder all is One and all is Holy.

HOLYness is about awakening to the interconnectedness and oneness within and without,

recognizing we are all one - made of earth, air , fire, water, and spirit (energy) 

assembled in flesh and blood here to love and to be loved

Love - See of Life.png

ONEness is love - embracing differences, such as gender, colour, or a different neural wiring (eg - autism).

ONEness is a choice to take back control of a past or present circumstance, trauma, and/or disability,

to re-awaken to one's presence and purpose, to take action towards one's deep desires,
and to joyfully thrive and live with one and all in Peace, Intimacy, and Equality.

Featured Offerings


A FREE at-your-pace course with 3 keys to assist you in the awakening process,

to navigate & integrate

the experience (of clarity)

that triggers andr is triggered by change

the cpr deck

This A-Z deck of cards designed by artist and alchemist Aleph 

is a Clear Practical Resource designed to introduce,  cultivate, and streghten  emotional intelligence

Codes of light

Feel the love and power of the Divine Feminine through High Priestess Deva Vidya's September 2021 album release of Light Language Sonic Activations, 

every breath is an opportunity

to choose peace

metatron's cube, all that you seek is wi

you are holy, you are whole

you are loved

A​​waken H oly  Oneness